One of the most exciting and possibly daunting parts of moving out on your own is decorating your first home. Amid all of the stress of packing, phone calls, bills and changing addresses, you also have to consider how you want your new place to look. This is an opportunity to discover your style, and we’re here to help you with these new home decorating ideas.

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7 Tips and Tricks for Decorating a New Home

1.) Prioritize Your Purchases

2.) Get Creative With Decor

3.) Make It Shine

4.) Feng Shui Your Way

5.) Accents Are Everything

6.) Creature Comforts

7.) A Fresh Start

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A Hearty Housewarming

You’ll be all ready to host your housewarming party thanks to these home decorating ideas. Welcome friends and family to see your new place and celebrate the landmark occasion of moving into a new home. With these tips, you’re sure to impress everybody, including yourself, with a design that’s all your own.

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